Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sketches vs. Finals

Well,... more like "Near Finals." 

This week I've been working with floating water particles creating underwater atmosphere, and since that would make for some seriously boring images to post,... I thought I'd put up "Before & After" shots of some finished and nearly-finished scenes. 

The "Before" images are from the original test reel which was a combination of scanned storyboard sketches and drawings done directly in Photoshop.  The "After" images are screen-grabs from the latest motion renders generated earlier this week. 

I hope you find these more interesting than the floaties drifting thru the water that I've been staring at all day.


  1. Nice! This does seem more interesting than what you're staring at :) The sketch and the render of when she was floating on her back in the water though seems to have slightly different expressions from each other? The sketch looks like she's happy and content almost, but the render looks like she's a bit afraid... Was the more worried look more what you were going for? :)

    1. Hey Catherine,
      You're right, she does look more content in the sketch version. Her expression in the rendered frame might read differently because it's the moment her face breaks thru the surface and she's opening her eyes. It's kind of an in-between. She does smile a few seconds later in that shot. So she's not worried at this particular moment,...though she will be a little later on. :)