Friday, December 30, 2011

I had been using my illustration website (and Facebook) for posting updates on the production of this film. So I'll start with a quick run-down of the beginning of this project.

"monster,me" is an animated short I adapted from a story my oldest daughter, Kait, wrote for a class assignment when she was twelve.  The imagery and imagination in her essay was beyond what I expected from a writer her age.

Within a few weeks of reading it I was in the early stages of visually working it out in storyboards.

All the images used to collage the models and backgrounds were photographed by myself with the help of both Kait and her sister, Markey.  Markey became the primary model for the main characters hands, hair and feet.  The girls were also my assistants/actors in the recording of the films sound effects.

Artist and voice actress Deanna McCain became the voice of the narrator. Multimedia-guru Cory Olsen and the sound engineer at KCAD, Mike Dollar, were also a huge help in the audio process.

The rest has been me chained to my computer, building models and sets in Photoshop and animating them in AfterEffects.

So that's the background on the project,... more updates to come.