Sunday, April 22, 2012

Almost fullsize,...

 Since the full resolution version of the film is larger than can be displayed on my widescreen  monitor,  this is a screen grab of it at roughly 85%. (hoping that I can post an image this large,... I guess if you are reading this, the site at least allowed me to upload it. Not sure that it will display at the full 85% though. The actual film is over 2000 pixels wide.)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rain, rain, rain,...

So, I thought I'd put up a little bit of the riveting exercise in monotony that I've been up to. 

Since the basic rain presets built into AfterEffects weren't going to fit the look of the film, I've been fine-tuning a system of making rain with particle generators.

Roughly 18 or so of the 40 shots in the film are in the rain.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sound effects and trying to keep the mic dry:

So,... since the work I'm doing on the film right now still falls in the category of "Images Too Boring to Post," I thought I'd put up a few shots from when we were recording sound effects.

These are Markey and I capturing various noises for splashes, rain and for when the main character is moving thru the water.  Kait shot all these,...  even climbing onto the counter to get a vantage point above Markey (really getting into her job of being the documentary photographer).

For some of the sounds, we tried putting the mic in a ziploc so we could submerge it. And it worked surprisingly well!

And standing in the pond making waves. 
This was really cold.