Saturday, September 29, 2012

And it's done!

I've been waiting a very long time to be able to say that. And it does feel a little surreal to say it,… but it really is finished.

Mike Dollar wrapped up mixing the sound this past Monday.  I put my final touches on the animation Thursday.  Now the final render with audio is in the hands of Ryan Burkholder of Grand Rapids based Organisum. Ryan will be overseeing the compression and formatting needed to prepare it for theater projection. 

A million thanks to Dollar for introducing me to Ryan after I had told him how difficult it was to navigate the complexities involved with compressing a 55Gb movie without losing the image quality (that's right,… I said 55 Gig! Not 55 megabytes, but 55 gigabytes)   

How Ryan keeps track of all the complex ins-and-outs of codecs, avi's, BetaSp, HDcam, H264's and a gagillion other terms that make my head spin, is beyond me! But I'm so glad that he can and even happier to have him helping us get these issues ironed out.  

While Ryan is working his magic on the movie, I'll be ironing out the details for something I hope to formally announce in a post later this week.  (stay tuned,..)

In the meantime, I can announce the official monster,me website is up and running. Many many thanks to Lisa Price for all her work in putting it together! 

You can find it here.